Email received March 21, 2016

Things are going well here in São Luís! This week was a tiring one! One Tuesday we had planned to work with another set of missionaries from our zone (forgot how it´s called in english...) and it went well! Just had one little surprise. When we were getting ready for the district meeting on Tuesday morning, the assistants showed up out of nowhere in our apartment! They just showed up! And said that they would be working with us that day. So we had a division, and a surprise division on top of it all! But it was really good! I was able to work with Elder Lunt from my district in the MTC! He´s one of the Assistants. Then on Wednesday, I went to Santa Inês. Things went well there. One of the missionaries wasn't feeling all that great. But I was able to work with his comp a little bit. Then Thursday until today were pretty normal days. One of the things that I learned in Sacrament Meeting last week was that we shouldn't "improvise" our life. We shouldn't just take things as they come to us. We need to have plans and goals and a structure in life so that we can do all the things that we need to. This week was a good meeting too. Half way through the talks, the power went out! So we had to make do and the speakers just talked a bit louder. It was interesting, but good as well! I believe that next week, I´ll be going to Teresina for the leadership counsel meeting. Not 100% sure, but I think it'll be sometime next week. So I will be able to get my box and any letters that have gotten here. One thing that has been messing with my sense of time is that Easter won't be on Conference weekend this year... This Sunday will be an Easter Sunday a bit different. But I am very excited for General Conference! I've gotta start thinking of things that I want to find answers to in conference. Gotta be prepared! Glad to hear the spring is off to a good start there! Fall started probably the same day that spring started there. But it's still in the cooler part of the year. Not long from now, it'll stop raining and start really heating up! Not looking forward to that! But it'll all be alright! As soon as it's getting really really hot here, I'll be going back to the really cold! Have a great week and stay out of trouble!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

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