Email received April 25, 2016

Glad to hear that it was a good week there for you all and that you were able to spend some time with Conner and Renee! I am excited to spend some time with them as well in October! It will be some much needed time with my broski! This week went well down here in Teresina! Here in the city, there are now 3 Zones with a 3rd stake to come very soon (I think it will be official on May 21/22)! So that's pretty exciting! Will be very cool to be here as a Third stake is organized in the city of Teresina! I am excited for that! I have served in 3 of the wards that are part of these two stakes now. I am getting to know the city pretty well! Tomorrow I will be going to Timon to work with the missionaries there and will be able to see some of the people that I met there! One of the men from the ward there is on the High Council and was at my current ward yesterday! I talked for a while with him and he said that all four of the people that I baptized there are very, very active and strong in the church!!! That made me so happy! And he also said that the young man that I baptized (Jerônimo) has helped to baptize 2 or 3 more people in his family!! I really feel now the true joy of missionary work and know what it feels like. I can now see the promise from the Lord in Doctrine and Covenants being fulfilled! (D&C 18:15-16) The man that went to sacrament meeting last week went again this week. He got there a little late, but he got there on his own again! We will be going to teach him tomorrow! His progress is going a bit slowly at the moment, but we are still trying to help him the best we can! My talk last Sunday was on missionary work. As it always is for the missionaries here! The bishop´s counselor told me that I would give a talk on Sunday morning before the meetings started, so I had PLENTY of time to prepare! But it went well. I don't really have a lot of trouble in getting a talk together. But it's always nice to have plenty of time! This last week we came across an amazing woman knocking on doors! She is a single mom of two kids. She works in a hospital as a nurse and is very open and willing to learn! She is someone that we really want to work with her a lot because she has a lot of potential to be baptized! her two kids are a boy of 19 and a girl of 10. Really good kids as well! I am really grateful that we came across her and are able to be teaching her!

Hope that you all have a great week and that the Lord continues to bless you in all you do!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

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