Email received April 18, 2016

Things are going well here in Teresina! I didn't really miss the heat all that much, but it's not too bad! My new comp is from Rio Grande do Sul! I am in a part of the city that I had only been to once. And that one time was when I got here in the field. My area has the airport right in the middle! So the only time that I was here was when I got off the plane all that time ago!  The new area is good! Good people in the ward and good people that we visit and teach. The ward has a pretty small attendance on Sundays. But the members are really nice! We were able to get some good work done this week! We are teaching a man who stopped my comp and his last comp on the street to ask where the church was and how he could get to know more. So we taught him a couple of times this week! We had marked to visit him on Saturday to see if he would go to church, but he wasn't home when we got there. On Sunday I was sitting on the stand (to give a talk) and I saw him enter in the back of the chapel (I forgot what the big room is called where the sacrament meeting happens). When I saw him enter, it made me really happy! He's got a ways to go before he's totally ready for baptism, but he accepted our help for him to prepare for baptism! We also met a woman who heard about the church and went looking online. When she found the church's site, she asked for a Book of Mormon to be sent to her. We went and visited her a couple of days ago. She's a really intelligent woman and doing a course on theology at home! So we'll see how that goes! Other than that, not too much to report on in the new area. Still getting my bearings and getting to know everyone, but I am excited!  Teresina is hotter. but not as hot as the last time. It's in the "rainy" season right now, so it's a bit cooler. But not a whole lot!
Glad to hear that all is well!! Have a great week and safe travels!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

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