October 28, 2014

First email from the Provo MTC:

First day, got here and went to pick up study materials from the library. Then went to the residence hall to put everything down. Got my shoulder bag and headed out. Had tons of instruction meetings on how things work around here and the general schedule. More instruction after dinner and that was about it for Wednesday. Thursday we woke up at 630 and had study time until 745. Breakfast at 745. Then classroom instruction from 815-1230. Lunch then more study time. Then we had a workshop where a bunch of the new missionaries gathered and kind of group taught an investigator. We asked questions about them and learned about their life stories. After that, we had an online thing as a district where we learned how to study, prepare and teach lessons. Then dinner at 1745. We met the branch presidency after dinner at 1830. Friday set up the basic schedule for every non sunday or p-day. Wake up and get ready at 630. Breakfast at 745. Class instruction from 815-1230. Lunch from 1230-1300ish. Back in the classroom from 1315-1615. Then GYM TIME!!!!!!! That is always a good part of the day. That goes from 1625-1715. Dinner at 1745-1815ish. Classroom time from 1830-2130. That consisted of our whole district teaching Lucas (our investigator) in each companionship. It was rough at first, but it is going better each time. We are able to teach more and more without reading what we are to say and being able to teach and talk TO Lucas rather than AT him. Then we would gather as a district after we all taught and we would talk about what happened in our lessons. Then back to the residence hall at 2130 for study and journal time.
Like I said, that is how every day is except P-day and Sunday.
Sunday changes mostly every week on some levels. Breakfast still at 730. Sacrament is at 815-915. Then the branch presidency chooses what we do until priesthood at 1140-1230. Lunch from 1230-1300ish. District meeting from 1315-1415. Then we do a temple walk from about 1500ish to like 1600 or so. Dinner at 1730. Then sunday night Devotional from 7-8. Then we watch a video about various topics from 2000-2115. Then back to the residence hall for study and journal.
Pday is mostly the same. Wake up, breakfast, then email or study. 1015 is laundry time. Lunch at 1230. Temple time from 1505-1730. That is both temple and study time. Dinner from 1745-1815, then another Devotional. Then district review of the Devo from 2015-2130.

I have been doing really well. Things have been going fairly smoothly for me. Only a couple hiccups with small things. But it all worked out. It is nice to stay busy because it keeps my mind from wandering too far. Companion is great! I love it here! I love my teacher, brother rodrigues, and my district and my comp Elder Johnson. Eu amo portugues muito! E este CTM! Truly amazing place to be and I know this is where I need to be at this point in my life. Language is going well.  The teacher does talk a lot em portugues.  We spend our personal and companion and language study time preparing lessons for Lucas.

I have strictly an hour, which unfortunately I used to type most of this. So I have to be off at 929 local time.

Have a good week and stay amazing!
Also... Computer has no SD card slot and I left the cord in the residence hall...

Love you so much and miss you!
Elder Gunnoe

P.S.  Got your letters and package!  Thank you so much!  My district thanks you too!