Email received March 14, 2016

Things are going well down here in the Southern Hemisphere! This week was a pretty tiring one! Started off with planning the Zone Meeting all afternoon and night on Monday, then the actual meeting on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I went to another area with another missionary to do a baptismal interview. That day we were going after a lot of people that have passed some time away from the church. We received a list from the Stake President and he asked us to visit those people to see what the chance of progress was. That day we walked probably around 5 or 6 miles! We went after 10-15 names and addresses and found 5. Of those 5 addresses we found, 3 of the names were correct. So we actually found 3 more people to visit. Which is great! 3 people that the missionaries
there can help bring back to activity in the church! But it was a very long day! On Thursday, we were working here in my area with the same kind of list. We were only able to find 3 or 4 people, but it was good! Got to know the area and people better! The on Friday we were organizing and inviting everyone we could to a ward ice cream night. We were responsible for the message and activity. But at the end of it all, the whole activity wasn't very well organized. More than 40 or 50 2-15 year old people showed up just to eat ice cream. So needless to say, it didn't go as well as we had hoped... But we got to eat ice cream! So that was good! Then on Saturday Elder Pinheiro was sick and we stayed home the whole day. I think it was some bad food that he ate and got sick. But he´s all better now! Sunday we spent the morning resting so that Elder Pinheiro could get his strength back. The meetings were really good! I was able to learn a lot. I learned quite a bit with the talks in sacrament meeting! Some new things that I can put in practice in my life! Other than that, not a whole lot going on down here. This week will be a busy one. I will be going to Santa Inês to visit the missionaries there on Wednesday and Thursday. So this week will probably go by pretty quickly.
Hope that all is well there at home and that everyone is happy and healthy! Have a great week and stay out of trouble!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

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