Email received May 4, 2015

This week was a good one! Feeling healthy and strong! Just a little cold has been after me these last few days, but it seems to be going away!
Jerônimo (their most recent convert) is doing great! He went to seminary this last week and liked it a lot! We didn't get a chance to visit with him much this week, but he is still doing good! We ended up cutting that family. For some reason, the husband stopped talking to us or even really looking at us, so we were just teaching the women in his family. and it wasn't worth going back there because they weren't understanding what we were teaching and weren't paying attention in the lessons. So unfortunately we had to cut them :(  But we will find another street where we can teach everyone this week!
That talk was a truly amazing and powerful talk (he is referring to the talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that he referenced in his email last week). The story he gives at the beginning is very real and descriptive. And it is something I can almost relate to with the rock climbing aspect.
Don´t worry about getting the box out! One of the Elders who is with me wanted me to ask if you could send maple extract! He likes to make pancakes and uses the maple extract to make syrup. But here it is really expensive and hard to find. So if you could add that, I´m sure we would all appreciate it and he especially would! And some Oreo's if possible! :) (puppy dog eyes) Everyone here sends a hug for you too!
Skype will happen at 5:30 Brasil time, so that would be 1:30 your time if I am right. I am more than prepared to speak all the Português you would like! It would be a thousand times easier than speaking English to tell the truth. I will struggle to speak English at first, but after a while I think it'll get better.
I will attach a couple more pictures in a separate email, but I don't have many. It is really hard to take pictures here since we don´t walk everywhere with our cameras. But I will send what I have. (unfortunately he ran out of time and didn't send any pictures)
I am no where NEAR as dark as the locals. Not at all! I am considered very very very white here. Only a few are as light as I am. But the majority of the locals are either almost black or are very dark.
Liked the picture of the dogwoods! And Elder Oliveira liked it too!!
We have lunch with members every day! And if the member can't give lunch, they give us money to get something for ourselves. We only ever have lunch with members. There is only one that gives dinner for us when we got to her house, but it isn't a regular thing. Just when we go there.
Time has run out! Gotta go now :( So sorry it was short and ended abruptly this week!
I love you!! Have a good week!!! Sorry no pictures! Next week!

Love you!!!
Elder Gunnoe

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