Email received April 27, 2015

I am feeling a lot better this week! Things are back to normal with me! I never drink the tap water here! It is really really dirty. I don't need to see the source to know how dirty the water really is! We are drinking filtered water all the time. And things as I said are back to normal! I did get the email on the 22nd! Got the pictures on the internet I assume? (I sent him a picture of one 25 centavos representing that he is 1 quarter of the way done with his mission already) 1 quarter of my time here has come and gone! And boy did it come and go... But I am making the most of the moments I have now with the people I have to spend them with. So things are going great here! This last week was a good week! We were finally able to get back to work as normal and we worked well! We ran into some good people and families to teach! We taught some great lessons and had a good time doing so! This week we went to visit a young man every day so that he could be ready for baptism on Saturday. We were there every day at 4pm to teach him and his mom. We taught them both all the lessons and accompanied their reading of the Book of Mormon and it went great! The young man was baptized on Saturday! He's 15 years old and was a reference from one of the young men here. We started teaching him this week and he progressed until baptism on Saturday. His mom is still a bit unsure, but we are working hard with her to help her be baptized too! She even stopped drinking coffee! We will see what happens this week with her! We are teaching a couple families now that are great! One invited his parents and sister to hear us too! and when we go there tonight, he said he will have some friends there too! Will be interesting! Maybe we will get to teach the whole street! I got to pass (spend) Friday and Saturday with my District Leader teaching and for him to interview a couple people. He is a really funny and at the same time powerful missionary! Great guy! This week was a good week :)   For those who are reading this, I would ask that you all take a few minutes to hear and watch a talk that was given at this last Conference by one of the members of the quorum of the 12. The talk was given by Jeffery R. Holland and is one of the most powerful talks I have ever heard. It is relatively short but very interesting and amazing. Take a few minutes to watch the talk on the site and you will not regret it! After watching that talk, try to do all you can to remember the Savior every moment of the day and in all things. Remember the sacrifice, and the love that He demonstrated in the Garden that night. And do all you can to exemplify Him and be a disciple of Him. I love you all and miss you all! But soon enough I will be coming back! But for now, stay safe and always remember the Man that gave meaning to Life itself.
Love you!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

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