Email received May 11, 2015

Things are going so great down here in the great country of Brasil! 7 months is still a good chunk of time! But it is passing very quickly! Before we know it, I will have been here a year! About 5 months before then, but for the mean time, I am gonna live it up down here! In a spiritual way of course!
This week was a fairly slow one. The companion of the other elder in our house was having a bit of trouble with some health issues. It limited his ability to walk long distances or even work. So the better part of the week he stayed at home and someone had to stay with him. So we traded who would stay at home during that time. So the week was pretty slow. It was still a good one though! We got to teach some really good lessons and had some moments when the spirit was testifying the truth of the things we were teaching at that time. It is always amazing to see how we can have our testimony re-energized when we sincerely seek to have Him with us.
Everyone had a great visit with family and we all left very happy! It was a little bit tough, but I know that the Lord is taking care of things there at home better than I ever could!
I have to keep the email short this week. I need to take care of some things related to the mission since this is the start of a new transfer today. But next week I will write more!! Pictures are coming!!
Have a great week! Happy Mother's Day! And Have a great week!!
More next week!!
Elder Cole Gunnoe

Friendly visitor a while back

Ata fruit

Cake we bought the other night

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