Email received April 6, 2015

This Easter weekend was the most spiritual I have ever had! It was truly a blessing to be able to watch and listen to our Prophet and the Apostles and other General Authorities speak to us. There were a couple talks when I really felt as if the speaker was speaking directly to me. I really loved Elder Holland´s talk! Instead of taking notes as they spoke, I just wrote down the name of the speaker and the session so that after I could get the talk on paper and audio to study it more in depth. I had to pay a lot of attention because it was in Português and the general authorities have a tendency to use bigger words than I am used to hearing. But I was able to understand all that was said! It was different not hearing the actual voice of the speaker, a little sad even. The translator doesn't convey the emotion that the speaker often does. But it was still good! We watched the Saturday sessions at the stake center in Teresina and the priesthood session here in  Timon along with both Sunday sessions. I will definitely be getting my hands on many of the talks that were given so that I can use them personally and in my teaching! And I am not sure if you noticed a couple of things. From the way President Packer was talking at the end of his talk, I think it might be his last conference. Don´t know for sure, but he made it sound that was when he was talking. And I am quite worried about President Monson. He spoke 2 times instead of the usual 4, he didn't close the conference like he ALWAYS does, and he was having a bit of trouble walking and even almost fell on Saturday! Not very good signs.... But there was a talk for just about everyone in this conference. And a lot of talk about the Church´s stance on marriage. Best conference yet!
(I emailed him and told him about what Alton and I had done on Friday and this was his response) Sounds like a pretty good Friday! It´s always good to go to a ball game! Good times with the Angels!
(I told him we might be getting some rain this week) You can have some of the rain that´s been coming down here! There sure is plenty of it! And yes, hopefully the drought ends soon! Will be nice when it does!
(Where did you spend Easter and where did you watch conference) We basically spent Easter in the chapel. 1pm to 7pm there. Conference here is 1-3 and 5-7. Bit different!
(What did you eat) Nothing special. Just a normal lunch.
(Did you have a favorite talk) As previously stated, Elder Holland is probably the favorite talk!
(Where did you watch the Priesthood session) We watched the Priesthood session on Saturday from 9-11pm in the chapel.
(Did you watch conference in English or Portuguese) All sessions were in português in the stake center and the chapel here.
(Have you heard about transfers yet and has there been any progress with your companion) I have heard unofficially that my comp is for sure leaving! Oh joyful day! But the transfer hasn't happened yet, but it is for sure that he is leaving. Beyond that, I haven´t heard anything.  The opposite of progress...
(How has your weather been) Weather has been VERY hot and humid! It´s a killer combo!
(How have you been feeling) Explained the health situation below. Beyond that, everything health wise is good!
(Have you bonded with any families in Timon like you did in Parnaiba) It´s a bit harder here because the members are a lot more spread out and we only go to a member´s house for lunch. So it´s hard to get that connection here with anyone really.

Seeing as I have given a lot of detail here, this will also be the blog email for the week. What´s written above including below!

This past week would have been the worst yet if it weren't for general conference...
At the start of the week I had some kind of allergic reaction to something that I don´t know what it was and got a rash on my whole body that was super itchy! I went to the doctor on Monday to see what was going on because it was getting a little worse. The doctor just took some blood and told me to come back the next day. He told me everything was normal and just that. Didn't say what it could have been or anything. But a couple days later it was gone. I think it was just an allergic reaction to something in the water because a bunch of people are getting the same thing. But as I said, it has completely passed now! Things didn't get any better with the comp this week. Since I passed Monday and Tuesday almost totally in Teresina with my District Leader, we didn't get any work done those days. Wednesday we had a division the whole day. Got some decent work done with the other elder! was a pretty good day. Then Thursday came... My comp wasted our time being a slacker in the entire afternoon. Then we went to a recent convert´s house and spent 2 and a half hours there... We get back to our house at 10pm. I told my comp that we didn't have any more time to stay when it was 9pm. Almost an hour later we left. He just kept talking and talking when he KNEW it was passed the time for us to be home. That made me upset. So when it was finally time to close the day at home, I prayed and basically repented for having wasted an entire day visiting 2 people. Because it truly was against everything a missionary should do to spend the whole day until after the hour to be at home in the house of 2 different people. So as we were writing down the numbers for the day my comp wanted to count a lesson with that recent convert when it wasn't a lesson. I told him that according to the rules and guidelines given to us, it was not a lesson. So he told me that he counts it as a lesson. But I didn't because I know it wasn't. That too left me even more upset. Friday we did nothing in terms of teaching. All 4 of us had gone to the chapel after lunch to get ready for the baptism of the other companionship. Turns out that my comp and the comp of the District Leader are more lazy than I thought. They both sat in an air conditioned room while the other elder and I did all the work to get everything ready. My comp and that other missionary just sat there and talked about things that are not worthy of missionaries. We passed the whole afternoon in the chapel until 7pm when people started to get there for the baptism at 7:30. The baptism went great! a lot of friends and family of the 2 people being baptized! was great!  Saturday morning was a general cleaning of the house for transfers. Turns out my comp and the comp of the DL are even more lazy than before!!! They didn´t get up until 8 or 830. And they were just as helpful asleep as awake! They went and cut their hair, bought some food for themselves, layed in bed, and right at the end cleaned the garage area of the house that was hardly even dirty. THEY DID NOTHING!!!!! And while my comp was laying in bed after he had woken up, he was listening to some type of rap/reggae mix of music that I know is no good. So I reminded him that we were advised by our leaders that we should only listen to Hymns and EFY music. He proceeded to demonstrate the lack of desire he has to be a missionary when he said "But I like this music". I just about lost it. He basically said that he puts his own desires and interests above the things that a missionary and a man of God should do. He clearly demonstrated how much he lacks the desire to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I have spoken less that 50 words with him since Thursday last week. I can´t look at him or talk to him without loosing my patience. I tried to help him to be a better missionary and he flat out rejected the help. I tried. But I couldn't say anything to help him without him turning around and attacking me for the few things that I do wrong. He is so prideful that his reaction to someone trying to help him is to attack that person.
Let´s just say that I am very excited for this transfer... I am looking forward to a new comp and a new and real start here in Timon.
General Conference truly saved my week. I hope that everyone was able to be uplifted and enlightened by the words that were spoken. Now we must apply those words in our lives and do our best to be better every day!
Times up, so I gotta jet. Have a great week everyone! And never forget our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! Love you all!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe
No pictures this week. Sorry!

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