Email received April 13, 2015

This last week was so so so much better! I was feeling great health wise! I have been having a bit of intestinal problems (see Jeremiah 4:19-21) and have been for some time now. Nothing serious, just some discomfort. I think it is because I have been eating only bread at home. I need to get some fruit soon. Will buy some tomorrow! The allergic reaction passed and has stayed away, so all is well on that front.
Well President and the Lord must have a lot of confidence in me, because with a little more than 5 months on the mission, I am now a Trainer! My past District Leader got the call with the transfers Monday night, and he told me that I would be training a new Missionary... I couldn´t believe it. How could a gringo with less than 6 months on the mission become a trainer???? I thought he was joking with me at first, but he wasn't. My comp went to an area far away from here and I now have a NEW companion. Literally. So on Wednesday I went to the Mission Library to the Meeting of New Missionaries and Trainers. The name of my new comp is Elder Oliveira! He is from a small city close to São Paulo! He left the CTM on Tuesday and I picked him up on Wednesday. Totally new! He is SOOOOOO much better than my last one! He basically knows everything! We just need to practice and work a little bit to expand and deepen his knowledge of the lessons and doctrines. But he is able to teach everything! And being Brasilian, he already speaks the language fluently, so that helps  a lot! He is going to be a very powerful and amazing missionary! I am still here in Timon. But it turns out that the city isn't as horrible as my old comp made it seem! Elder Oliveira and I are focusing our work closer to the chapel and are finding a ton of new people to teach! There really are people to teach close to the chapel! My old comp was just not the kind of missionary to really try to find those people. But now we are having great success! (What special missionary moments did you have this week?)  Special moments would just be the success we have been having. I told my new comp that in one day with him, we did more than an entire week with the old comp. Things are truly so much better! And today I had an interview with President. I really needed it! I feel so much better now and can continue to work with more peace of heart and hope! I will attach pictures in a separate email! As I said before, I was truly surprised by my new assignment! I never expected to be training with less than 6 months on the mission. And now it will only be onward and upward... But I am truly humbled and blessed to have this awesome experience. President explained very clearly the resonsibility that I have. Whether this man becomes an amazing missionary or not is on me. His future it in my hands. It truly is a massive responsibility and also blessing. I am looking forward to this transfer with Elder Oliveira!
Glad to hear that Shane is doing well! He will be better off going staight to BYUi instead of staying home for any amount of time. He´ll find his wife sooner!! Haha
Have a good week!! And stay safe!
I love you!!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

Elder Cole Gunnoe and his new comp - Elder Oliveira :)

Elder Gunnoe and the other Trainers

Fresh Mango

Packet of instructions for Trainers of new Missionaries

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