Email received June 27, 2016


We weren't able to do a whole lot this week. We had divisions twice this week, so that was a pleasant change of pace. Normally when I complete another month on the mission I like to buy an ice cream or something similar. This month I didn't buy anything special. This time I had a division with the Elders in Timon! While I was there, we scheduled some time to go and visit two of the people that I baptized there! Lindalva and Jerônimo! It was GREAT to see them both after so long! Lindalva bought a cake for us to eat and we talked for a while. I was able to take a picture with them both to remember! After I left Timon, the baptism record of Lindalva was lost and her member record was never created. After almost a year, they finally were able to recreate the record and create her member record! She said that she is also working toward a trip to the temple in the future! It will take a little while for her to save the money, but she is still very firm in her decision! That made me so happy to see that she has a strong desire to go to the temple even though it won't be easy for her. A great example of dedication to the Lord! I will attach the pictures along with some others for you to see! Other than that, not a whole lot went on this week.  Glad to hear the Corey and Spencer are both doing well! I was thinking about them a few days ago and what they are living and experiencing where they are. Should be very interesting! There are some fast-food places here. There's one or two McDonald's that I've seen and one or two Subway's here as well. Other than that, there's just a chain that they have here called Bob's. Pretty much the same thing as McDonald's. But they all are very far away from my area and are pretty expensive as well. So that makes it kinda hard for us to eat there.
We only had one that we are actually teaching there that will be a pretty long process to get him to baptism. But we'll keep working with him. Other than him, we didn't have anyone at sacrament meeting this week. Not sure about the box. Will call the mission office today to see if it got here or not. At least the people that weren't there were on trek! It really is an amazing experience!

Have a great week and be sure to stay busy!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Elder Gunnoe

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