Email received July 4, 2016

After the transfer was all said and done, I stayed here in my area again and my old comp got transferred! My new comps name is Elder Szpack (pronounced like the guy from Star Trek) and he is from Curitiba, Paraná.  I had been his Zone Leader back in São Luís for a while! We had a pretty busy start of the week with transfers and all and then we worked on Wednesday and Thursday normally. And on Friday we had another meeting with a different Area 70! His name is Morôni Torgan and he is a Federal Deputy in Brasilia and also an area 70 (obviously). He came to our mission to help us out a bit and we had a VERY spiritual meeting with him! He is on a whole other spiritual level. He taught us for about a total of 3 hours and was constantly using the scriptures to teach. The only thing that was missing were his own scriptures! He would just ask everyone to open a scripture in any one of the standard works without even thinking about it! Whatever kind of question or doubt that we had, he responded with a scripture or two or three. Just throwing them out there! It was almost like looking up scripture references on the gospel library app, but with him doing all that work. It was truly incredible to see the level of knowledge and comprehension that he has of the scriptures! He's like a walking gospel index! He taught us a lot about how we need to change to be able to help more people come unto Christ and what the people need to know and feel to really become converted. Was quite the experience! We were back to work on Saturday as normal and Sunday as well. This week was a tough one in terms of finding people at home to teach. We went to almost every house that we normally go to and things weren't really working out. We also tried to find new people to teach and that was a bit tough as well. So we've got to look inward and see what is happening so that we can change things here. But we will keep working hard to make things change!

FYI: The other box is here and I will get it on Wednesday! If you could send another cake like last year, that would be great! Other than that, I don´t think there´s anything else. I didn't treat myself because my "treat" was seeing the people there in Timon! That was way better than any other thing I could buy! Sounds Like it was a pretty big family to have so many people there! And that´s nice to hear that they still worked out a way to have the Sunday School part! Glad to hear also that dad has been busy with OT! I realized the other day that today is 4th of July! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! Stay safe!
Thanks for the recipes! And glad to hear that I got into the math class!

Have a great week!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Gunnoe

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