Email received June 6, 2016

Wow. Not too much time to respond this week, so I'll just have to respond to the questions and comments. This week was a bit tough. We had all day meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday and then interviews with president on Thursday which ended at almost 6 for me. So we only had Friday and Saturday to really work and visit people. And these two days were challenging. We had trouble catching people at home and very few people were receptive in the contacts we did. So it wasn't the most productive of weeks that I've had. But we were still able to teach a few really good people! We actually didn't have any investigators at church this week. So that was a bummer. But I am not going to let that get me down! We were able to finally catch a husband and wife at home that we taught a couple of weeks ago and were able to teach them again. The lesson went very well. They are such nice and humble people! When we got there, the offered watermelon and we ate a couple of slices and then at the end they sent us off with a huge slice and two pieces of cornbread! They are very open to hear what we teach and are willing to keep the commitments that we make with them. I am excited to see what comes of our other visits!  Glad to hear that everyone was able to finish the temple prep class and are all excited to go through the temple! I wish I could be there to go with them, but I know you will be there in my place.  Hope that you have a great week and are able to resolve everything! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
Love you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

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