Email received February 22, 2016

Things are going well here! Elder Pinheiro is pretty much all better from the dengue he had! Just resting and taking it easy so that he is for sure 100%! I am excited for this week because we will finally be able to work normally!!!! That will be so nice!! It´s been a little while since we have been able to work a full week or even a full day.  So it will be really nice to be able to work like we should! And seeing that this whole week he was still recovering, we weren´t able to do very much work unfortunately. BUT! It wasn´t a week wasted! I was able to study a little bit and receive some revelations for my life! Had a pretty interesting confirmation! Not something that I´m going to share though due to the very personal and highly spiritual nature of the background of the story.  But it was very interesting and something very inspired! I was also able to feel a little bit of the Lord´s desires for me and my life.  Although I am still  very young and inexperienced in the things of this life, I know that God has great plans for me! Plans that I am not able to accomplish on my own and will need a lot of His help! It´s always interesting to see the great contrast that exists in the mission field. Between receiving revelations for people I have never met and also revelations for my own life of things that are still on the distant horizon. Or at least seem to be still distant! Whatever the case, I know that my mission is just a beginning and one great preparation for the rest of my life!  We will be having transfers this next Monday and Tuesday! This transfer flew by! But I am excited to continue working in this wonderful country! Wherever the place may be!  I really like that quote from C. S. Lewis! It is a lot like another story that is about a gardener and a bush. pretty much the same story, but a little bit different. God really can do wonderful things when we put our life in His hands!  Glad to hear that Conner and Renee are doing well!  Hope everyone there is doing well and is healthy!! Have a great week and stay out of trouble!

Love you!!!!!
Elder Cole Gunnoe

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  1. Prayers continue to be with you and your companion...and those whom you teach! Grateful for normalcy... lol
    Love and prayers...
    Sis. Joleen Knotts