Email received February 15, 2016

Glad to hear that all went well! Glad to hear that he is now a married and happy man! Sounds like it was a really great weekend for everyone!  Sorry to hear that it was so cold!! I saw in one of the pictures that you were wearing just a short-sleeve shirt... When I saw that, I said to myself "she must have been FREEZING COLD!" hahaha.  Even though it was cold and gray, looks like it was a really great sealing! Now will start a new life for both of them! One that they will be able to start together. In Gospel Principles yesterday, the teacher said something that I had never thought about. He said that the women (more specifically mothers) of this world have the great blessing and power to bring Heavenly Father´s children to this earth to obtain a mortal body. On the other hand, the men and fathers have the OBLIGATION, the DUTY to take them back to their heavenly home.   I had never really thought about it that way before, but it really is true. It´s a pretty big responsibility, but one that is celestial! Their new life and family is getting started now and preparing to go back to God´s kingdom one day. And this is all made possible because of the awesome power of the priesthood! Without this sacred power, the things we do here on earth would have no meaning or lasting effect in the world to come. One thing that I have learned to appreciate here on my mission is the power of the priesthood. I have seen it working first-hand in so many ways, but also in ways that make all the difference. With that amazing power, things that are bound here on earth can be bound in heaven. It is truly something very profound and of eternal importance!
It will be really nice to be able to spend some time with them! I´ve got a lot to get caught up on with my broski!
I really liked the quote from the Elder´s email! It makes a lot of sense that if we as missionaries are worthy and looking for opportunities to share the gospel, that God will put thoughts in our minds and feelings in our hearts. Sometimes we get caught up on the little things and forget that Heavenly Father is at the front of this work and that He is preparing the way for us. We only need to have confidence in Him, and He will work wonders!  You can mail the suggestions if you´d like to! No problem with that!  This week was another slow one. Had to go back to Teresina to finish up my Visa documentation and my comp is still sick. So we weren´t able to do a whole lot unfortunately. I´ve got my hopes up that this week will be better!  Hope and pray daily that all is well with everyone there at home! Have a great week and stay out of trouble!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

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