Email received February 1, 2016

Because of some unseen and unexpected events, I have no time to email this week.... Nothing bad happened, just had other things going on and it took forever to get on today. But know that I am well and that things are going good here! I am happy and healthy and excited to continue working hard! I cannot believe that he will be getting married next week... That's some crazy stuff! But it'll be good for him! As always, I am super busy! But even busier today with a zone meeting tomorrow. We have to finish getting everything wrapped up. So I've gotta run.  Please don't be offended or be sad because of my emails lately! I always want to write a lot more, but the time just doesn't let it work
out. I´ll do better to write more next week for sure!  Know that all is well and never forget that I love you!!!!  Have a great week and stay happy, healthy, and out of trouble!
Elder Cole Gunnoe

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