Email received January 25, 2016

I am sorry that my email was so short last week! I really had so much to do and so little time to do it all. But this week will be a bit calmer. This week was a bit slower. But not a whole lot! My old comp got to his new area  without any problems. My new comp (Elder Pinheiro) is from São Paulo, Zona Leste. A city caller Poá. We are working well together. He is certainly different from my old comp, but things are going well! This week went well! We are working hard now to find a lot of new investigators because my area got cut in half. Another set of missionaries came to the Ward, so that cut the area in half. So now we are after new people to teach in our area. We were able to find a few
new people this week. Not too many, but good people. My zone is having difficulties with some things, but we are working with them about that. And this week my comp and I will be going to Teresina for another Leadership Meeting. So I am really excited about that! I feel that it will be a big help for the missionaries! I have been able to learn quite a bit since I became Zone Leader, but still have a lot to learn. And will be learning new things Always. That's one of the very good things of being a leader, is the opportunity to lead and to learn. Just because I am a leader doesn't mean that I know how to do everything perfectly. Quite the contrary! I am Always perceiving little things that I do wrong or don't do. And I Always learn a lot with the other missionaries too! Being a leader is so great because I can lead, learn, and learn while I lead! It's an amazing combination!
Have a great week and stay out of trouble!

Love you!
Elder Cole Gunnoe

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