Email received January 4, 2016

Glad to hear that you all made it up there safely! It´s funny how Conner had a lot of people to help him move OUT.... Just sayin! It´s always nice to have a ward that´s close to home! Here the chapel is 2 minutes walking from home! So that´s really nice! Don´t worry about the email not being too long! I know it´s tough when you´re traveling!
This week was a very busy week! We had some problems to work out as ZLs on Monday night that came out of nowhere. And then we went to Teresina on Tuesday at 1230. We got there around 2030. Was a smooth trip. Nothing to complain about. While we were there, we had a REALLY good leadership meeting! It was a really good experience and chance to learn a lot with the other leaders and our mission president! We talked a lot about how we can have more of the Spirit when we are teaching our investigators. I really learned a lot and hope that I am able to pass everything I can to the Zone tomorrow in our Zone Meeting. Once we got back here to São Luís on Thursday morning, we finished resolving the same problem from Monday. And Thursday and Friday were a bit tough for us because of new years and all. We spent the night just at home. The better part of the members went to other places to be with family or friends, so we just stayed at home. What was really nice was that a family brought us a whole box of food to eat!! That was really nice of them to do!
On Saturday I had a really interesting experience. My comp was a bit down and feeling a bit weary. So he asked me to give him a priesthood blessing. When we got to the chapel for a meeting, we went to one of the classrooms. I stopped to think a little before beginning the blessing. When I began the blessing, I was speaking for myself. But after a few phrases, I started to say things that weren't coming from me. I pronounced some blessings on my companion that really were not from me. I said things that in no way, shape, or form were from my head or even from my heart. I desire the best for my companion, but my own words wouldn't be sufficient. I realized afterwards that I was literally being a mouthpiece of the Spirit of God. I thought about the things I said and felt very strongly that I was truly saying was the Lord wanted to say. Only it was through me that He spoke to my companion. I was merely an instrument in the Lord´s hands to bless my companion. I have NEVER given a blessing like that one. I have NEVER been so obviously guided by the Spirit in what to say. That was an experience that strengthened my testimony of Priesthood power and that it is literally the power of God given to man to act in His name. Very moving experience for me and my companion!
Hope that you are all well back there and that everyone is happy and healthy!
Safe travels back home and stay out of trouble!
Love you!
Elder Cole Gunnoe

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