Email received November 30, 2015

I don´t have much time to respond to emails. So I have to keep it short and sweet. Don´t think it´s because I am writing more to other people or don´t worry about you. I am just so busy and have so many things to do in the 1 hour that I have on the computer.
I am glad to hear that all is well with everyone there at home! Must have been a good week with Conner and Renee there at home! I know it was really busy and passed quickly, but at least they were able to be there to celebrate with you!
The trip to Teresina went well! We left here on Friday at 0700 and got there at about 2330. The bus was a bit slow and made a lot of prolonged stops. But the meeting on Saturday went really well! It was from 9-12 with Elder Campos (70). It was a really good meeting full of the Spirit and lots of learning! Then on Saturday at 1700 we left Teresina and got here at 0615 (3 hours early!). We were supposed to get here at 0900 on sunday, but this bus was a lot faster and made fewer stops, so we got here early. The better part of yesterday was spent really tired and almost sleeping in meetings and planning sessions. But we made it through and now have a tiny bit of time to rest today. Not really any time though because we have to prepare the zone meeting for tomorrow morning. Life as a ZL is really busy! But I am learning a lot and hope to continue learning. Transfers are this next monday! So we´ll see what happens!
Unfortunately I am out of time.
I did not get the package! I think it will be getting here this week and I will ask President Melo to bring it here when he comes for the zone christmas activity! So hopefully I´ll still get it in time!
Have a great week and good luck with the doc appointment!
Love you so much!!
Elder Cole Gunnoe

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