Email received February 2, 2015

Today's email is a bit different - he didn't have time to write a "blog" email so I am sharing what he sent us in his personal email:

Não deu para falar muito hoje. Só tenho pouco tempo aqui. Mais de tudo é porque não estou em Parnaíba....
Can´t talk much today. Only have a little time. It´s because I´m not in Parnaíba. I am in Teresina today until at least Thursday....
Why are you in Teresina?  Are you ok?
I am in the early stages of pneumonia.  They told me it's not too bad at this point, but that if with this medicine I am not getting better by Wednesday, I need to go back.  I left Parnaiba yesterday at 1830 and got here at midnight ish.  And I'll be here at least until Wednesday.  With the way things have been, I am very surprised it's only in the early stages.  At times, you can hear it clearly in my breathing that there's the liquid in my lungs and the coughing and breathing when I lay in bed.  Surprising it's in the early stages.
Did Elder Medina go with you and were you able to still have your baptisms on Saturday?
He stayed with one of the Zone Leaders and the other Zone Leader came with me because he has to get an ingrown toenail removed.  One of the brothers was able to baptized on Saturday.  Elder Medina baptized him and I did the confirmation on Sunday.
Were you able to get some mail? (he only gets mail delivered to him once a month when they have District meetings)
I got a bunch of letters and cards!  From you, nana, Shari's package with 30 American dollars, a card from Bonnie and Jerry, and if I remember one from Grandma.  And a Valentine's card from you I got today in the mission home and the letter with the chocolate and another card from nana.

Please keep him in your prayers for a quick recovery so he can get back to the Lord's work

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