Email received January 26, 2015

What a week it was this week! I have had a throat cold all week which is odd because there is almost nothing "cold" here in brasil! But we continued to work hard and give it our best.

     Monday we had a lovely Crab dinner in the house of some investigators! (Pictures should be posted of that) We then visited a couple people and had a fairly uneventful P-Day.

     Tuesday is a bit of a blur. I had left my planner in the house of an investigator, so I don´t have much reference of what we did that day. Still had good visits though. We started doing a daily visit for the investigators closest to baptism. On that note! We are going to be baptized a young man and his brother this saturday!!! BATISMO MEU AMIGO!! We are very excited as are they! They are both super excited to be baptized and start their new life in the church!

     Wednesday started off with a surprise. The ZL and his temporary comp showed up at our house at  in the morning in P-Day clothes.... Odd.. They said that they were there to help us clean up our house. It was very very dirty.... So we spent the morning cleaning up the house. Also!! We went a couple days without water in the house. I don´t remember which days. But a couple solid days. So we had to shower in the house of a member those days. But the water returned! So all was back in order!

     Thursday was the 22nd of January. I completed the first 3 months of the mission that day!!! Seems like only a short time that I left home! Thursday was a busy and long day. We had lunch in one of the longer parts of the area and the sister forgot until like 10 minutes before we got there. So it was a very simple meal, but it was very good!! After that we stayed there for a bit before coming back close to the house. We visited a couple people, made a couple contacts. Then we had FHE in the house of a member. It went well! We had 4 investigators there! They all loved it! After that it was just time to wrap up the day.

     Friday was a good day as always! We visited an investigator in the morning and read part of the Book of Mormon with him. Then lunch and after lunch we visited the kids that will be baptized this coming saturday (31st). We helped him and his mom with their daily stock of corn that the mom sells in a plaza close to the house. Her corn is delicious!!! We visited one of our new investigators that day and man was it... interesting. At the start of everything she talked a little and then she said she would let us talk about our message now! Great!! Almost a solid hour and a half later, we finally got a word in to say that we had to go. AN HOUR AND A HALF STRAIGHT!!!! She just kept talking!!!!!!!!!! Not sure how we will ever have a chance to teach her!

     Saturday we dropped in to visit some investigators before lunch and talked with them for a while. They gave us ice cream :) Which is oddly 100000 times better when it´s boiling hot outside! funny how that works! Then we went off to lunch and man was it good!!! I had to muster all my strength just to stand up to leave after that lunch! Always very good there! Just visited more people and invited everyone to church the next day! Had a very good visit with one of the less active members! I have faith he´ll be reactivated soon!

     Sunday went well! We had 8 investigators in sacrament and they all liked it a lot!! Then we had another delicious lunch! After lunch we visited some people and had a very good and long talk with one of our investigators. He is so close to baptism! Just needs a little push!! I have confidence he´ll be baptized soon!

All in all it was a good week! Lots of good moments and also moments of weakness (due to his cold). But we worked hard and saw miracles and success! The Lord is truly blessing us!
I hope everyone is doing well and has a good week! Stay strong and work hard in all you do and the Lord will do the rest!

Elder Gunnoe

Dinner last p-day.  Crab with rice and beans!

The family that fed us that day

Was very good crab!

Panorama from the house

Breakfast every day :)  Bread and yogurt!

This young man and his brother will be baptized this Saturday!!!  BATISMO!!

This was outside our house blasting music all morning the other day

The mom of the kid and his brother sells corn on the cob in the plaza close to the house and it's DELICIOUS!!!!

Lunch yesterday

Elder Felipe and lunch

Guitar he purchased for 230 reais (a bit less than $90)

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