Email received February 16, 2015

We are here in the Lan House early today because we have an activity marked with a family after lunch.
This was a good week and at the same time a tough week! We had good moments and also difficult times.

Basically the whole week, all of our appointments fell through, people weren´t home, they were leaving, didn't have time, blah blah blah. We had very little success this week. We found a couple new families, but they came only after others fell through or we were harshly rejected many times. There's a church here and the people of this church are HORRIBLE!!! Every person here that isn't LDS is part of one of those churches. And for some reason, they can´t allow us to talk a little bit with them, they have their religion and will not here anyone else! And the people who are not attending any church are usually the few that we can talk with. But after we leave, the people of the other churches feel the need to leave their own house, go to the house of the person we talked to and they proceed to talk bad about us. Telling these people awful things about us that we all know aren't true. These people feel the need to leave their house and go talk bad about the Mormons. And it happens almost every time! So then those people we talked to won't talk to us anymore or will not answer the door. Makes me really sad. But like it says in the scriptures, When the truth comes, the people will do anything to stop it. Just another  testimony that this is the truth!
Other than that (which is normal here) was a fairly good week! Ended on a great note!! We were supposed to baptize an 8 year old kid with his brother a couple weeks ago, but it didn't work out. So his baptism was set for this Saturday that just passed. We were all very excited and happy that he could be baptized! Then we turned our focus to his mom! She was basically ready, just needed to be taught directly. So the 8 year old spent the whole week asking her if she could be baptized with him on Saturday. On Friday, we went to teach her in the morning. The first thing she said to us was that she wanted to push back the baptism to the 28th for her to baptized with her son!!!!! She told us she would be baptized without us even talking directly about it with her!!!! So we said we would talk with her son about it. But the son wouldn't push back the date. The poor kid was supposed to be baptized the same day as his brother, but he wasn't able to. So he had to wait. And now he didn't want to wait any more. So we talked with the mom about being baptized with him on the coming Friday. She said that would work! Great! But the son still wouldn't let us change the date. So then we talked with our new LD (the other was transferred early) and he said he would talk with her. After they talked, she accepted for that Saturday!!!! Together with her son!! So amazing how the Lord worked with her to help her be baptized on Saturday with her son and be baptized by her son that we baptized a couple weeks ago! Such an amazing experience! So we ended up with 2 baptisms this week!
Was a good week and now we transition into the last week of the transfer! I am excited to continue working and finding success wherever we can!
I hope everyone is doing well at home! Have a good week and stay out of trouble!!

Elder Gunnoe

A snake we came across (obviously dead)

Helping an investigator build his house

Baptism pictures of the mother and younger son with the older son baptizing

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