Email received August 31, 2015


Glad to hear that the trip went well and without problems! Did you guys make the trip in one day?? Did you stay the night in Rexburg? Glad to hear that also got to see some old friends! It´s always nice to see people again after some time. Is that the hardware store that is close to the drive-in theater? And why doesn´t he try for something closer there in Rexburg? Rigby is a little ways out of the way. Glad to hear that he´s going after a good job! That will be quite essential! Seems like every year they are having a lot of fires around there! That´s not so good for the residents in those areas. Hopefully the firefighters are able to get them under control soon! We had stake conference as well here in Brasil. I don´t think the chapel is quite that big here, but it´s still a good size! Where is that stake center? I remember that there in Rathdrum was just a normal chapel. Sounds like there were a lot of people there then! With such a large area full of people! Maybe the stake there will be able to divide soon! That would be good! The stake here is close to dividing as well. Before the end of the year, we just need 3 baptisms and 6 less actives reactivated for this ward to be qualified as well. The only hard part is that these 9 people need to be men and tithe payers. So it´s a bit tougher, but we can do it! I am almost in 3 Nephi right now in my reading. I´ve taken way too long to read so little. I am going to do my best to be much better and reading a lot more! The challenge that the stake president there gave to the members is a good one! I´m sure nana and papa appreciate the help! They have a lot to do and are the only ones there to do it! So I´m sure they´ll take whatever help they can get! How is papa doing since he fell a while back? Hope he is all better! This week was nothing too exciting. We had a zone conference on Thursday with the mission president! It was pretty good. He talked a lot about how we can be better at teaching less but more effectively. We practiced some things and it was good. Other than that, nothing special this week. We didn´t have a baptism this week, but we are planning on having one this Saturday! It depends on the schedule of this week. But we´ll do what we can so that it happens! I did get nana´s card! I received it on Thursday at the zone conference. And I got 3 more letters from you. Other than that, not a whole lot to share this week. Just another normal week!
Be sure that Conner makes it to Hudson´s and Dick´s too! Make sure to eat 2 or 3 burgers for me too! Hope that all goes well with the rest of the trip and that you all have a good time together! Stay out of trouble and have fun! Eat for me too! Don´t forget!
Love you all!!!!

Elder Cole Gunnoe


Look what I found !  

Sister Laureana went to my Stake Conference to see me!

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