From email on November 3, 2014

Hey! Don't have super long this week. But it's been a great week!
Super good devos on sunday and tuesday this last week! A lot of talk about being fully dedicated to the work and giving it all to the Lord. We had another Devo this morning with David F. Evans, a member of the first quorum of the 70! He is the one that prayed for "Our strength to be Faithened" hahaha. So funny. He's a great speaker! And the Devo tonight is going to be broadcasted, which translates to It's a general Authority. So check BYU TV for that! Not sure who the speaker is, but it should be good!
Portuguese is coming along very nicely! Other missionaries tell me that I'm so good with Portuguese, but I'm really not. I can't say a whole lot and what I can say is all similar. So it's nothing really that special. I could and should be working much harder though. So I am really going to buckle down this week.
So sad to hear about Mr. Bellamy! He was an amazing guy and I will miss him much!

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