Email from November 28, 2014

Bom Dia!

All is well here in Brasil! Things are going so great here! It's been a fairly normal week. Nothing like getting here to Brasil was. Not too much crazy to report on.
We got some rain the last couple days here! And that made it so so hot and humid! Even though it wasn't even hot here. In Teresina, it will be far worse! But I am so looking forward to heading to the field in just 4 short days! It's really crazy to think that I've been in the MTC for 6 weeks now and am about to head into the field... It's gone by quite quick! I couldn't be more excited to finally get into the field and start teaching and continue learning!
Like I said, not a whole lot to report on this week. Just plenty of class time, gym time, chow time, teaching and devotionals.
OH! There was a devotional yesterday afternoon broadcast from the Provo MTC! The speaker was David A. Bednar!! It was so good! What he did was they passed out cellphones in Provo to the missionaries and the MTCs around the world had iPads. And anyone who had a question could text\email it in to him and he would answer them over the pulpit in the devotional! It was super cool! I would encourage everyone who reads this to find it and watch it because there was some very good stuff in there!
Also, I want to invite everyone who reads this to watch 1 other devotional and listen to another. The first is "The Character of Christ" from David A. Bednar. It will change your life! And the other is a BYU-I devotional given in either 1988 or 1998. I think it was 88. But it's called "The Restoration" and it was given by Hyrum Smith. It will blow your mind! Have a pen and paper ready and write fast! All of them are super good and just mind blowing!
I am going to be sending the next email from somewhere in my mission! And by that time, it will be much hotter than it is here in Sao Paulo! But I am very excited to get into the field and serve the people of the Brasil, Teresina Mission!
Stay safe! And stay warm everyone! Have a great week and find those devotionals!!!!

Elder Gunnoe

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