Email received March 9, 2015

Was a decent week! We had a bit of trouble working though. My comp passed the better part of the week sick. So we were working very slow if at all. Don´t like not working...

     Tuesday we had a Zone conference all day. Not much of anything exciting there. Just new rules again and some training. Got to see some friends from the CTM and my old Zone! So that was good! We got back to the area pretty late and didn´t have time to do any work, so that was a bummer. But a decent day!

     Wednesday was a good day. We taught good lessons with investigators and less active members! We had a baptism set for Saturday and we almost had to bump it back a week. The sister was still drinking a tiny bit of coffee. But my DL set a goal with her that if she didn´t drink anymore until Saturday, she could still be baptized that week. Almost fell through in the moment. But she had a firm determination to stop!

     Thursday was a tough day. Everything was falling through. All our appointments fell through and we didn´t get to do much.

     Friday My comp got really sick. So after lunch we taught a less active member and then headed back to the house. He just relaxed and I figured I would study a bit. I was reading in the Book of Mormon about the Spirit being with us and helping us. I haven´t been feeling the Spirit as much as I would like to be, so I prayed and asked how I could have the Spirit more in my life. I then opened the Book of Mormon to a random page and started reading. One of the first verses I read was 3 Nephi 10:6. It talks about turning our heart to the Lord with firm determination (may not be exactly the same as I am translating what it says). I looked at a footnote about turning our heart and it referred me to 1 Samuel 7:3. Again translating, it talks about becoming converted to the Lord and truly turning our heart to him and he will deliver us from our enemies. And the enemies can be people, addictions, guilt, sin, or anything that keeps us from progressing. This truly touched my heart. I urge anyone who reads this to read that verse and to study Conversion. Preach My Gospel, the Scriptural Index, Topical Guide, Prophets of ancient and modern times. Really research and study what it means to be converted. It will really change your perspective! The Lord had answered my prayer and showed me what I had to do. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had.

     Saturday was fairly slow. But we had a baptism!!! We baptized the grandmother of a couple of the young women. She really was one of the Elect of God. She understood everything we taught and agreed with everything!! She had stopped drinking coffee and was able to be baptized! So great to see another person enter in the waters of baptism to make that sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven. Truly happy to have been able to help her take that step and begin a new life! The other companionship was also able to baptize a young woman! So we had 2 baptisms!

     Sunday was a good day! Second sunday in a ward was great. Good lessons and good talks! Had a good day overall.

Foi um pouco curto esta semana, mas realmente foi uma ótima semana! Eu gosto muito de Timon e a ala e as pessoas aqui! Esta obra realmente é a obra do Senhor. E eu sou imensamente abençoado por fazer parte da Restauração do Evangelho. Eu espero que tudo mundo nas montanhas sobreviveu com todo o neve! Não sei quanto recebeu, mas foi mais que eu recebi aqui! Boa semana por todos! Até a próxima semana!
Amo todos vocês!

Com amor,
Elder Cole Gunnoe

Elder Cole Gunnoe asked me to add this to his blog post - "Please post on the blog that if I don't respond to some people's emails, it is only because time is limited.  But make sure everyone knows I still love them!"

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