Email received December 29, 2014

Don´t have a lot of time this week everyone. So this one will be short. I don´t have the planner with me. So I will just talk about the last couple days.
Christmas Eve we spent the better part of the day doing service for a family in the branch. We were helping the Father put up a type of electric fence on the top of the brick wall that surrounds the house. We just put up metal pipe every so often and then put up metal wire connecting the poles. And they will run electricity through it when it´s all done. To keep people out. That was pretty much the entire day.
Christmas we went back to that families house and finished up the fence. After that we didn't do much. It was hard to work because no one was at home and if they were, they didn't want to talk with us. So it was a really hard day to do anything at all.

Friday the 26th we got back to work. We visited the amazing family we have been teaching in the morning and confirmed the plans for that afternoon. Then we went out and taught some other investigators and less actives. The District Leader went with Elder Medina to the house of that family to do the Baptismal Interview! I went with the DL´s comp and visited a couple people. The girl we were interviewing passed and was all ready to go for Saturday!
Saturday. We went and cleaned the Baptismal font and chapel for the service that evening. We spent the better part of the morning there because it was fairly dirty. But we got it all done and then went to lunch. When we got back from lunch, we checked on the progress of filling up the Baptismal Font. But! The water was far from clean... It had a brownish/rusty color to it. Not a tint, but a solid color... So we talked to the Branch President about it and we drained the font to see if it was just dirty water that was sitting in the pipes for a long time. So we started filling it again and discovered it wasn't. When we got back an hour or 2 later, it was the same color as before. So we just decided that's how it would have to be. So we took the usual pre-baptism pictures (my mom should post them) and started. It was a very good service! I was very nervous about getting the baptismal prayer right and making sure everything was in order and went smoothly. But it all went well and smooth! It was a really amazing moment and I hope neither the girl nor I never forget. Because it was the first step down the path in her life. So I hope she can always remember that day and those feelings.

Well I´m out of time. Will do better next week! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great new year! Have fun but don´t have too much fun!

Elder Gunnoe

Font before being cleaned

Cleaning crew

After being cleaned

Primeiro batismo de Elder Gunnoe (first baptism of Elder Gunnoe)

Elder Medina being attacked by the Guard Dog

Chicken that we had a few days ago

Family, friends and missionaries

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