Email received December 16, 2014

Elder Cole Gunnoe and I emailed back and forth during his email time today and unfortunately it caused him to not have enough time to write a longer, detailed blog email so I will include some of our email at the end of his blog post for today:

This was an awesome last week!
Monday not a lot happened after the emails. We had dinner with a member and then went to work. We visited an investigator and had an interesting visit. She really likes to just talk and joke around, but that wasn't the interesting part. She has a 1 year old son who is awesome, and very hungry. And it's pretty normal here in Brasil for a mom to feed her child when he's hungry right there in front of everyone. And it aint solid food! So she proceeded to feed this toddler 6 times during our visit... Kid starts whining and mom proceeds to give him some of her calcium right there in front of the missionaries and anyone else that happens to be there. But I figured out a way to know when it was going to happen, so at that moment, I would just so happen to look away or look at my companion! Just a coincidence! But it's going to take some getting used to for that...
Tuesday was a good day! We had a District meeting in the morning and then had some time to study. After lunch, we went and visited some members and investigators. Made a couple contacts and left a few pamphlets for people.
Wednesday We had a service project in the morning. Pictures should be on the blog and on facebook of that! We moved some bricks for a family and then proceeded to make a throne with them haha. We had a good time with that! After lunch we went to one of the Conjuntos (there will be a picture posted that explains what this is) where we work and had an awesome lesson with a lady who is super funny! Really good lesson!
Nothing really happened on Thursday.
Friday was awesome! We found a new family to teach! They are super open and so ready for the blessings of the gospel in their lives and family! We are very excited to teach them and feel that they will be blessed with the opportunity of baptism very soon!

Elder Cole Gunnoe

From our email this morning:
He wanted me to remind everyone that if a package is sent it cannot be valued at more than $50 on the customs form.  If it is then he has to pay additional money on his end to receive it or it will be returned to the states.

I asked him how he was doing and he said "I am great!!  Doing very well!"

How are all of your mosquito bites - "Most of the original ones are gone but I always have a few new ones.  It's a constant battle.  haha"

How is the food - "Food is still amazing!  Juice is still amazing!  I have been getting more than enough to eat.  The members always make big meals and just about all of the food is super delicious.  Lunch without fail thus far has had at least rice and beans.  Other foods range from chicken to beef to potatoes to lasagna once to pizza to fruit to almost anything you'd normally have for dinner in the states.  But here it has more spices and different flavors and styles of cooking.  So it's a variety and it's very good!  The only problem is that we almost always have soda at lunch...And the members usually have only that...So I have to drink that.  I have had more soda here than I have ever had in my whole life.  But when we have juice or water, I drink that."

How are your investigators - "The pesquisadores are progressing well!  We found 2 new families this week and a couple new individuals!  So we have a lot of people to teach now.  They are all very open and accepting and prepared for our message.  The Lord is Definitely working in the area!"

Any big bugs yet - "We saw what was either a millipede or a centipede the other night.  Some HUGE wasps.  Couple big lizards.  But nothing out of the ordinary really."

How was church and how is Portuguese coming along - "Church was great!  I really like it a lot.  Portuguese is getting better all the time!  Still a bit hard to understand people, but it is definitely getting better."

Do you eat out much - "We have fresh bought and baked bread for breakfast every morning.  But other than that, it's just snacks every now and again.  Members feed us lunch always.  And if someone doesn't feed us dinner (someone usually does) then we just buy some snacks before going home."

Do you find that you are taller than most people there - "I have only met 1 Brazilian that is taller than me.  And he's a missionary.  The people are pretty short generally.  Especially the women.  So short."

Elder Cole Gunnoe's apartment in Parnaiba (they live on the top floor)

Another angle of his apartment.

President Siedschlag, Elder Medina, Elder Cole Gunnoe

He didn't name the man on the right except by "grandpa", Elder Medina, Elder Cole Gunnoe.  "Both super awesome people"

Start of a service project this week.  Moving these bricks from the front of the house to the back.

End of the service project with the family minus the dad.  We took the bricks and built a throne.  haha

View from our house.

This is one of the areas that we work in.  It's called a Conjunto.  Basically just a tract of houses.  They are all exactly the same, quite small, and very plain.  And there are hundreds just in this one Conjunto!  We have 2 more that we work in just like it.  So hundreds of the same exact houses.

It's interesting here.  So many people have beat up and old cars, but they are driving around with this either behind, in, or on top of their cars...Don't quite understand that.

Another fine example of what I said in the last one... (he said they are speakers)

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