Email received August 22, 2016

This week went okay. We are still having trouble in finding and teaching people, but we are always trying to find new people! Not really sure what's been happening with people that they seem less open to hear us, but we are trying to find ways to get to talk to them. Maybe it's because of the better financial condition of the people that they aren't as open to hearing us. Because of this, we having been focusing more on finding less active members than new people. Because a lot of the time, a less active member is the only member of the church in the whole family, so we are trying to work a bit more on completing these families as a whole. Not entirely sure what we need to do different to be able to find more people and have more people to teach, but we sure need them! We are working well together and we don't have reasons to have misunderstandings or anything of the sort, so that helps a lot. It motivates me to keep working hard in spite of the difficulties we are having in the area. This last week I was able to get to know more members of the ward! The members are really nice and are helpful! As always, we have a few families that always help us when we need it and other members that are excited and willing to help. So at least we have good members and some that are willing to help us with the work! Our Ward Mission Leader was changed this week and now we have a really good one! He is a returned missionary and is very excited and enthusiastic about the work, so hopefully we can work well together to get things moving here in the ward.

I was able to bring all of the food that you sent in the box. And the toys I left with some kids there in Teresina. I left the YoYo with Adria's younger siblings, the Football with Mycahacnnen and his brother and the slinky with Vitor (all young men that I helped baptize there in Teresina). The food I brought with me and some of it I ate during the bus ride! I'm working out a way to have my cake soon! Will definitely work something out! Don't worry about that! Nate and Harrison enter the MTC this week? Glad to hear that it was a good Sacrament meeting and had lots of people! Also glad to hear that Kannon is well! I'll just have to talk with Josh to see how things went for him! Working on my talk a little at a time! Will have it all written and done before I get home!

Have a good week and keep trying to prepare yourself! Because the heat will be intense! But it'll be great!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Gunnoe

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